Thursday, 3 March 2016

WBA order Frampton to fight or lose title

ok so the WBA have stated that Frampton must fight Guillermo Rigondeaux by the 27th of July or be stripped of the title. Who is Guillermo Rigondeaux well he was the WBA champion last year but due to lack of activity was stripped of the title which was then handed to Scott Quigg who Frampton beat last Saturday. Now the WBA say Guillermo Rigondeaux is worthy again of fighting for the title. bit like a script from eastenders i know right!

if i were a betting man ahem...! i would say that Frampton will vacate the belt rather than face Guillermo Rigondeaux Barry M. has already mentioned that he does not fancy the fight. although Guillermo Rigondeaux is a great boxer he is pretty boring and fights off the back foot so would be a hard sell ticket wise.

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