Friday, 1 April 2016

Martin vs Joshua: The Gloves Are Off

Adrian Broner stripped of title

and so, not so surprisingly   Adrian Broner falled to make the weight and yesterdays weigh in ahead of his clash with Ashely Theophane , looks like the fight will still go ahead but Theophane being the only one able to win the WBA title. I will be watching it later so we will see, 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

adrian broner v ashley theophane on spike (repeat) saturday

and so , we have another great fight on "free" tv this weekend, so Controversial outspoken fighter Broner takes on UK`s Ashley Theophane for the WBA  "super" light welterweight title, although you may have known the result before you watch it, or if not spike will be showing the fight on saturday evening, should be a good scrap, there has been alot of hype made up of this fight Theophane being managed and promoted by TMT (the money team) also known as Floyd Mayweather promotions, 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

David Haye erm WTF....

ok and so, Mr Haye has finally said who is fighting.... its lhvlhvckjhv...... yuuppp never heard of him.... i wrote a piece a while ago about Haye being cocky .... now i think he is taking the piss....really so you build up a card at the O2 at least a month before ... and you give us jhvfhvhfl.... i am not even wasteing my time ... haye step it up ... anyone can fight on FREE tv but make it worth while!!! 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

armchairfight fan BOXING BETTING for the next 6 weeks or so

an so, looking at some the odds recently i decided to go for a 14 fold accumulator backing mostly the favs but a couple of well edge of the seat ones...@overall 17/1

so it started with

Luke Campbell 1/20 win
Kell brook 1/25 win
Chris Eubank Jnr 1/8 win
Hughie fury 1/100 win

Andre ward 1/8

Josh warrington 1/7
Callum smith 1/25
Billy joe saunders 1/14
Lee selby 1/8
Anthony Joshua 1/7
Arthur Abraham 1/7
Errol Spence jnr 1/20
GGG 1/100
Amir KHAN 9/4

TOTAL PRICE 17/1 @£10 = few beers ;)

brutal win for Chris Eubank Jnr

and so,  as i stated in previuos posts Eubank Jnr won a Brutal fight against Nick Blackwell tonight, I personally like how Jnr comes acroos i think he sells the fights well, i have seen interviews with him and he isnt all the cocky showboater he comes across as when you see him at press conferences or in the fight it self. He builds the fight like his Dad did back inthe day, like him or not Eubank Snr was a great great fighter but also a great self promoter. back in the day i was a Nigel Benn fan and wanted to see Snr get knocked out, but now i see how clever he was in building up a fight and put bums on seats and made you want to watch his fights.

Now tonights fight was onesided, eubank looked in total control Blackwell showed GUGE heart and courage. Unlike in the previous Eubank v O`sullivan fight the corner stopped the fight as spike was taking a beating and the only way out for him would be to know Jnr out, the Corner pulled their fighter out saying they can fight another day. Ihope Blacwells corner do not regret doing the same for their fighter a couple of rounds earlier. The only way he was going to win was by a knockout which seemed unlikey as jnr had been hit clean a couple of times earlier and handled it. It is tough as Blackwell was fighting back after being hit by Eubank. Snr did bang on the mat a few times and told the ref to stop it but was told off by the ref for doing this.
it does show though how brutal this sport is though i do hope that Bl;ackwell comes through ok as he was stretchered out the ring and subsequently taken to hospital no confirmed diagnosis so far.

I hope to see Eubank Jnr stepping up another level and going for a world title by the end of the year

Thoughts with Nick Blackwell .  

Friday, 25 March 2016

Chris eubank Jnr for me

ok so, there hasn`t been much worth talking about the past couple of weeks, i will reserve judgement on Lucas Browne and his blood test rest until something more official has been put out there. I am looking forward to the Middleweight Title fight more than any other card that on Saturday as stated previously.
Expect a great dust up for free, i am interested to see what path Chris Jnr will take after and what channel he will be fighting on.
Will Matchroom promote him again, will Frank Warren. well not according to both Bosses, will he go down the Al Hayman route in the USA?. like what James Degale is at the moment.