Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Quigg Frampton rematch ?

Ok so i had my money on Quigg to beat Frampton on Saturday 29th Feb, i thought he would step up and his tank anf power be too much for Frampton, i know EVERYONE was pretty much behind Frampton but hey gotta go with your gut. 
I am afraid to say i was totally wrong he Quigg was out boxed by Frampton he was a little like a rabbit caught in headlights i know he broke hos jaw in the 4th i think he said, which would explain alot. He did come alive in the last couple of rounds but to little to late i am afraid. 
I read on twitter that Joe Gallagher has said that they want a rematch would fight Frampton next and would move up to featherweight if Frampton does. 
To me that would be a mistake if he got beaten again it would seriously hurt Quiggs stock nevermind hos confidence, i hope its not another Fighter chasing a fighter and not concentrating on their own career.

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