Wednesday, 2 March 2016

David Haye Cocky or clever #hayeday

So David Haye made a comeback recently against erm... erm... yeah him, anyway blew him away in the 1st round. The fight was shown on DAVE yes DAVE and held at the O2 i London. O2 sold out i hear it was 3 million or so viewers on telly not bad for a fighter out for 3 yrs.
Now here is my question not long after he announced he was fighting again the tickets are on sale... and he is fighting ...... as of today 2/03/2017 we do not know!! but people are still buying tickets its not going to be for a title and not going to be a massive name. I wouldn't buy a ticket to see a fight when i didn't know who the other person was fighting. Anyway will be looking out to see who is announced when he feels like telling us.
oh and what channel will it be on CO

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