Friday, 1 April 2016

Martin vs Joshua: The Gloves Are Off

Adrian Broner stripped of title

and so, not so surprisingly   Adrian Broner falled to make the weight and yesterdays weigh in ahead of his clash with Ashely Theophane , looks like the fight will still go ahead but Theophane being the only one able to win the WBA title. I will be watching it later so we will see, 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

adrian broner v ashley theophane on spike (repeat) saturday

and so , we have another great fight on "free" tv this weekend, so Controversial outspoken fighter Broner takes on UK`s Ashley Theophane for the WBA  "super" light welterweight title, although you may have known the result before you watch it, or if not spike will be showing the fight on saturday evening, should be a good scrap, there has been alot of hype made up of this fight Theophane being managed and promoted by TMT (the money team) also known as Floyd Mayweather promotions, 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

David Haye erm WTF....

ok and so, Mr Haye has finally said who is fighting.... its lhvlhvckjhv...... yuuppp never heard of him.... i wrote a piece a while ago about Haye being cocky .... now i think he is taking the piss....really so you build up a card at the O2 at least a month before ... and you give us jhvfhvhfl.... i am not even wasteing my time ... haye step it up ... anyone can fight on FREE tv but make it worth while!!! 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

armchairfight fan BOXING BETTING for the next 6 weeks or so

an so, looking at some the odds recently i decided to go for a 14 fold accumulator backing mostly the favs but a couple of well edge of the seat ones...@overall 17/1

so it started with

Luke Campbell 1/20 win
Kell brook 1/25 win
Chris Eubank Jnr 1/8 win
Hughie fury 1/100 win

Andre ward 1/8

Josh warrington 1/7
Callum smith 1/25
Billy joe saunders 1/14
Lee selby 1/8
Anthony Joshua 1/7
Arthur Abraham 1/7
Errol Spence jnr 1/20
GGG 1/100
Amir KHAN 9/4

TOTAL PRICE 17/1 @£10 = few beers ;)

brutal win for Chris Eubank Jnr

and so,  as i stated in previuos posts Eubank Jnr won a Brutal fight against Nick Blackwell tonight, I personally like how Jnr comes acroos i think he sells the fights well, i have seen interviews with him and he isnt all the cocky showboater he comes across as when you see him at press conferences or in the fight it self. He builds the fight like his Dad did back inthe day, like him or not Eubank Snr was a great great fighter but also a great self promoter. back in the day i was a Nigel Benn fan and wanted to see Snr get knocked out, but now i see how clever he was in building up a fight and put bums on seats and made you want to watch his fights.

Now tonights fight was onesided, eubank looked in total control Blackwell showed GUGE heart and courage. Unlike in the previous Eubank v O`sullivan fight the corner stopped the fight as spike was taking a beating and the only way out for him would be to know Jnr out, the Corner pulled their fighter out saying they can fight another day. Ihope Blacwells corner do not regret doing the same for their fighter a couple of rounds earlier. The only way he was going to win was by a knockout which seemed unlikey as jnr had been hit clean a couple of times earlier and handled it. It is tough as Blackwell was fighting back after being hit by Eubank. Snr did bang on the mat a few times and told the ref to stop it but was told off by the ref for doing this.
it does show though how brutal this sport is though i do hope that Bl;ackwell comes through ok as he was stretchered out the ring and subsequently taken to hospital no confirmed diagnosis so far.

I hope to see Eubank Jnr stepping up another level and going for a world title by the end of the year

Thoughts with Nick Blackwell .  

Friday, 25 March 2016

Chris eubank Jnr for me

ok so, there hasn`t been much worth talking about the past couple of weeks, i will reserve judgement on Lucas Browne and his blood test rest until something more official has been put out there. I am looking forward to the Middleweight Title fight more than any other card that on Saturday as stated previously.
Expect a great dust up for free, i am interested to see what path Chris Jnr will take after and what channel he will be fighting on.
Will Matchroom promote him again, will Frank Warren. well not according to both Bosses, will he go down the Al Hayman route in the USA?. like what James Degale is at the moment.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kell Brook or Chris Eubank Jnr who to watch

and so, this coming Saturday 26th March we have 2 fight cards going on, SKY have #allofthelights and Kell Brook defending his IBF Title against the well known Kevin Bizier (the guy who got beat by Jo Jo Dan twice who Brook beat up last year!) so that should be a close fight NOT!
and on SPIKE TV from 7pm then going over to Channel 5 at 9, we have Chris Eubank Jnr v Nick Blackwell for the British Middleweight Title, with Hughie Fury also on the card.
Well i know what card i will be watching and it won`t be SKY. I would be really interested to see the viewing numbers for SKY v SPIKE/Channel 5.
I recently cancelled my Sky Sports package as there have been so many PPV fights recently it was costing a fortune!. If a card interests me i will just get a NOW TV day pass to watch it. All the next big fights coming are all PPV anyway. Joshua V Martin etc. I wonder how many other people will do what i have done?
I am really looking forward to the Eubank fight he is never boring thats for sure, unlike yawn Kell Brook in recent fights.

This weeks Muhammad Ali quote is....

Saturday, 12 March 2016

David Haye confirms talk with Lucas Browne!

and so, I have just watched David Haye confirm that he is in talk with Team Lucas Browne, He stated that he is talking with some terrestrial tv stations about money and what he could offer Browne to come to the UK and fight on the May 21st card @the O2 . Which tickets are already on sale for (go figure) If the the numbers reported by DAVE for Haye`s last fight then Peak Audiences of 3.2 million were recorded. So for an advertising/sponsorship point there should be money available. Which would be great news for Boxing fans being able to watch a BIG name fighter on regular TV without having to pay extra.

Friday, 11 March 2016

This Weeks Muhammad Ali Quote is......

Frank Warren on Crolla v winner of this weekends fight. Really Frank Really!

and so, Frank Warren was his usual know nonsense straight talking self in a recent IFLTV interview, He was disappointed that his offer to Anthony Crolla to fight the winner of Flanagan v Mathews . he said that he had offered Crolla a pile of cash to fight the winner next and all he had to do was VACATE his world title, Yep thats right i will just vacate the world title i have just worked my whole boxing career, which i haven`t had a chance to defend yet!!

Come on Frank even for you to think Crolla would accept a bit of cash after all he went through last year being hit over the head stopping a Burglary, losing a World title fight you clearly won, then finally winning the rematch and completing your dream!  lol REALLY FRANK REALLY ! LOL

But Frank does give great viewing so can`t complain ! 

Lee Selby Added to AJ undercard

and so, Lee Selby V Eric Hunter for the IBF featherweight Championship Selcy will be looking for a better type of fight compared to his last outing in the U.S.A. It wasn`t the best of fights for his first defence in the states but we all know that Lee is a class act and am sure he will be back to his stylish self on a MASSIVE night of boxing on APRIL 9th!

This weekends Predtictor

and so, if you followed my fight predictions last week at odds Of 6-1 would have brought you in a tidy sum lets see if we can as as lucky this week!
well i am not going  lie its a tough one this week to get any decent odds  7 fold accumulator comes out at just over 2-1 which is basically backing all the favourites .

so this week just the one fight of any real interest if we are all honest is

Terry Flanagan V Derry Matthews 1/6  i think Flanagan  easily wins it so am only going to put my money on him this week. Well maybe not money just a few beers;)

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nigel Benn wants a 50/50 split and Wembley showdown

an so, Nigel Benn has been back in the press about the Eubank v Benn saga, he has said that if the fight takes place he want s a 50/50 split not 70/30. So it seems that Chris Eubank Snr has told Been he wants 70% of the purse if the fight were to take place. I still think what i said in an earlier post that Eubank is edging towards a Double bill with Chris Eubank Jnr on the same card. This is only my personal opinion and there is not fact to it. But again i would be surprised if this were  the Master plan. So we will see if the 2 once great champions will be more like Chumpions if the fight does take place. Although how old was George Foreman when he won the heavyweight title second time around well he was 45... so anything is possible right?? 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Anthony Joshua v David Haye build up has started early

as so on the SKY SPORTS website we have Anthony Joshua being interviewed and asked the question are you ready for David Haye//Answered "BRING IT ON" then David Haye replying with a Video of his own.. OK so it is March 2016.... AJ hasnt even won the IBF Heavyweight Title YET and the PROMO of Haye v Joshua has started, dont be fooled in thinking these are random videos and interviews and replies this is managed behind the scenes to make a Wembley Stadium 80,000 sellout of the these 2 Big hitters. Enjoy the Ride folks it will be quite a lengthy one to build up PPV sales and Wembley ticket sales. Not gonna lie though does give a little tingle downstairs when i think of the fight actually happening ;#0
Anthony Joshua Interview on SKY SPORTS

David Haye responds to Anthony Joshua ON SKYSPORTS

Muhammad Ali Exhibition at the O2 arena

Muhammad Ali Exhibition at the O2

click on the link above to take you to the Muhammad Ali exhibition at the O2 i haven`t been so cant comment much about it. But its about The Greatest Boxer to have lived so it must be Great Right!!!!!

Billy Joe Saunders takes on erm Max Bursak who the eff

and so, It has been announced that Billy Joe Saunders will defend the WBO Middleweight title againt the well known erm Max Bursak. Yes thats right the one the only Max Bursak!! Never heard of him?? well ME EITHER!!!!! i don`t think this is even a mandatory. Frank Warren has picked this guy out!!!! I know Kell Brook has fought nobodies since he won the IBF Welterweight Title but all but Gavin they have been mandatory`s. Bursak (32-4-1 KO15) hardly a world title prospect. It annoys me when world title holders decide to take on nobodies (no disrespect to the fighters) but when people are paying good money wether it be through subscriptions or paying to go and see the fight they should at least take on a name that is known! I will bet that the copperbox arena wont be full on April 30th and if it is its because Frank Warren will be standing outside giving away tickets to get in.
so put in your diary folks (i won`t be) April 30th Billy Joe Saunders v Max Bursak Copperbox Arena.. Defo a you tube moment for me!!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Boxer Bradley Skeete dances his way to victory

ad so, Eggington V Skeete Main event on Sky Sports for the British and Commonwealth welthereight titles. As i thought really Skeete did a great job in boxing his way around the ring, he seemed to know when Eggington was going to throw a punch before he did! Showed that the better boxer will always beat the better fighter. So i say well done Bradley, well will wait to see who Frank Warren matches you up with next..(unless Eddie Hearn gets his cheque book out and signs him with matchroom)$$

Luis Ortiz is an 18 stone middleweight!

an so, i have just watched the Ortiz v Thompson Heavywight fight, and oh my oh my, Ortiz moved like someone half his weight, this can can fight, I know Thompson is a veteran to say the least, but if you have not heard of Luis Ortiz you need to watch this fight and then you will see what i mean. I don`t think he has done himself any favours though as i can`t see many if the big big names taking him on. He has power, and speed and his footwork is amazing. I know he had a great Amateur  Career and the Cubans are renowned for this.
If Ortiz gets a chance at a world title he WILL WIN... i think he would beat them all at the moment but i don`t think anyone will fight him. I hope i am wrong about this keep an eye out for

Luis Ortiz Box Rec

boxing rumour has it Andy Lee v Migel Cotto

and so the bongo drums in the land of Twiiter have been beating to the tune of Andy Lee V Migel Cotto. Ok so both have just suffered defeats Lee v Saunders for his WBO belt and Cotto v Canelo for his WBC middleweight belt. That would be a good summer showdown for fight fans and a ticket seller so we shall see..

Luis Ortiz KO`s Thompson in 6TH round boxing

Lucas Browne v Ruslan Chagaev boxing

FULL FIGHT CLICK HERE >lucas browne full fight

Saturday, 5 March 2016

boxing fight predictor

i told you so

Gamal Yafai     1/7
Lucas Browne  15/8
Khalid Yafai    1/40
Bradley Skeete 6/5

= 6/1


hope you followed

kal yafai v dixon flores boxing

come on Kal

Flores down in 30 secs

BOOM BOOM BOOM no getting up from that Flores down and out

wow inside a round ...
 what a body shot

geez look out for these brothers !!!! really 

Michael Rooney v Marcus FFrench (yes double eff) boxing

For the Midlands Area Lightweight Ttile

right hook Marcus FFrench pretty much first punch Rooney you out NEXT!

Gamal Yafai v Bobby jenkinson

an so great scrap so far but Gamal getting the the better of the fight great body work from Gamal as challenger, Gamal hitting the target, but round 4 ref called in the doc for a cut above Yafai left eye all ok, Yafai dominated round 4 bob and weave great body shots and in total contol,
BUT SERIOUS cut above left eye there is no way this is going the distance either way..
RND 5, from a fight fan this is a great fight both going for it, Jenkinson struggling with range, great upper cut from Yafai,

Tell you what better than some of the PPV fights last week

i dont mind watching longer fights like this both giving all

HUGE HUGE right hand for Gamal right at the end of the 6th round. Jenkinson has taken some punishment.

RND 7 Gamal Yafai started with an absolute onslaught of punches from the the bell...

how is Jenkinson able to survive

enough Jenkinson stays down corner throw in the towel

this GUY is special future World Champ

Lucas browne wins

and so a scrapy fight Lucas Browne Dropped twice and cut but ends up with a TKO win proper brawl in the end, well done Lucas Browne!

Hughie Fury going down the WBC route

and so Hughie Fury gets a shot at the WBC International heavyweight Title on March 26th which will be shown live on SPIKE TV with after 9pm on CHANNEL 5, the same card Eubank Jnr takes on Nick Blackwell for the British middleweight title.

Its always a bonus when its free to watch right?,

Fury will take on 'Dominican Dynamite' Nagy Aguilera (no relation to Christina) Nagy has been a Pro since 2009 and is known as a tough fighter who fights on the front foot and can also bang pretty hard. On the flip side it will be Fury`s first time stepping up to 12 rounds.
A few months ago Deontay  Wilder WBC Heavyweight Champ called out Hughie Fury but on very short notice i.e one month. which was obviously turned down at the time by Peter Fury (Dad and Trainer to Hughie and trainer to Tyson Fury) i know the team are very keen on putting Hughie in with some very big names and Peter (quite obviously) rates Hughie very highly.
It should be an interesting fight and if he pulls through it (which the odds are stacked high in his favour) then i expect to see Hughie in some big fights sooner rather than later

Could Ricky Burns become a 3 weight world champion???

an so it has not been officially confirmed but looks highly likely that Ricky Burns will be fighting Italian Michele Di Roco in Glasgow sometime in May.
Burns (39-5-1, 13KOs) has been WBO Super-featherweight Chamion moved up and held the WBO Lightweight Belt but lost that to the very talented Terence Crawford in March 2014. Ricky is a fighter for the fans but will plenty of support behind him, If/When the fight gets announced 

Upcoming Fights


1 Tyson Fury (England) 25-0
Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) 64-4
3 Deontay Wilder (USA) 36-0            
4 Alexander Povetkin (Russia) 30-1
5 Luis Ortiz (Cuba) 24-0
6 Kubrat Pulev (Bulgaria) 22-1 
7 Ruslan Chagaev (Uzbekistan) 34-2-1          
8 Bermane Stiverne (Haiti) 24-2-1    
9 Charles Martin (USA) 23-0-1
10 Vyacheslav Glazkov (Ukraine) 20-0-1                   

International fights Saturday 5th March

Friday, 4 March 2016

world series boxing latest

and so with RIO Olympics fast approaching York Hall staged  the latest fixture with the British Lionhearts beating the USA 4-1 thus extending their unbeaten run to four fixtures.
Super Heavyweight prospect Joe Joyce beat Brandon Lynch by stoppage.
 Joseph Cordina out boxed Bruce Carrington,
 USA welterwight Andreal Holmes beat Cyrus Pattinson and finally British light heavyweight Joshua Buatsi beat Souliman Abourachidov (easy for you to say)

The Olympic qualifying event starts in May i wonder if Tyson Fury will attending!!!!!

Luis "King Kong" Ortiz plans a Knockout performance

Luis Ortiz (24-0-KO21)the Heavyweight danger man says "Tony said that he is Godzilla. I didn`t see the movie, but on Saturday night King Kong is going to beat Godzilla".(quote Sky Sports)
Tony Thompson (40-6-KO27) has 2 world title defeats against Wladimir Klitschko, He is probably better know here in the UK as the guy who beat Heavyweight prospect David Price twice!
Thompson later tested positive for a banned substance the BBOC put an 18 month ban on him.
i do like Ortiz would like to see against AJ sometime in the near future.

This weeks MUHAMMAD ALI quote of the week is......

Boxing Betting if i were a betting man ahem...

ok this weekends Boxing Betting tips are:

Gamal Yafai     1/7
Lucas Browne  15/8
Khalid Yafai    1/40
Bradley Skeete 6/5

4 fold accumulator works out just over 6/1 on sky bet £5 brings you back £37 incl. stake
Browne being the slight outsider to bring the odds up a little but worth a punt

Thursday, 3 March 2016

stephen Smith v Jose Pedraza world title

so just heard April 16th Stephen Smith V Jose Pedraza for the super featherweight championship in the states 

this weekends fight card from brum

ok so we have a packed card this Saturday on Sky Sports (not box office for a change) main event Sam Eggington V Bradley Skeete  for the British and Commonwealth titles. Eggington is looking to defend for the second time. to cut it short its brawler (Eggington) v boxer Skeete odds seem to go in favour of Skeete to out box Eggington and looks like it will go the distance should be a good scrap.

so fight card reads

Kal Yafai v Dixon Flores WBA Superflyweight title eliminator

Bobby Jenkinson v Gamal Yafai Commonwealth suoer bantamweight title

not the biggest of names on the card but good British card

WBA order Frampton to fight or lose title

ok so the WBA have stated that Frampton must fight Guillermo Rigondeaux by the 27th of July or be stripped of the title. Who is Guillermo Rigondeaux well he was the WBA champion last year but due to lack of activity was stripped of the title which was then handed to Scott Quigg who Frampton beat last Saturday. Now the WBA say Guillermo Rigondeaux is worthy again of fighting for the title. bit like a script from eastenders i know right!

if i were a betting man ahem...! i would say that Frampton will vacate the belt rather than face Guillermo Rigondeaux Barry M. has already mentioned that he does not fancy the fight. although Guillermo Rigondeaux is a great boxer he is pretty boring and fights off the back foot so would be a hard sell ticket wise.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Kell Brook v Bizier another mandatory another

ok so i like Kell Brook but has not had a decent fight since winning the IBF title 18 or so months ago.. ok there have been issues stabbed in the leg a month after winning it then had a mandatory then Gavin!! the rib injury now another mandatory.. another guy chasing the other guy (Amir Khan) if he is not careful he is going to go down as "Kell was he world champ?" after this fight he needs a Big big name to prove himself to the fight fans and i think he needs it for himself. After seeing Khan taking a super fight in the states there must be a bit of envy in there. 

Benn v Eubank 3? drop me out

So a while ago there was talk about Benn V Eubank 3 ... i know right! well that died off... then a couple of weeks ago Benn said that he is up for it and is fitter than he ever has been ...and if Eubank wants to fight he has the next 2 months to seal the deal..
Eubank was asked about the at Jnrs presser and said when the time is right he will be talking to broadcasters about ... as i said before if Donald Trump blah blah..

now if i were a betting man ahem..;) i would say that English (boxer formally known as Eubank Snr) is angling for a joint fight bill with himself v Benn and Jnr on the card with some big name as well.


Channel 5 Barry Mcguigan rumour has it

ok so Mick Hennessey has said that this will be his last show for channel 5 and there are rumours out there that Barry is coming in with a 4 or 5 fight deal... we will see 

pro boxers in the Olympics WTF!

so some top bod wants to allow Pro boxers to fight in the Olympics!! so GGG or Pac or Fury can fight amateurs .. why have an amateur system if you want to do that? whats the point? its silly that its even being talked about really.. but in a world where Donald Trump looks like he is inthe running to be the next President of the USA... anything can happen... for me though i think it would be terrible for the future of boxing.. hopefully someone just wanted some air time! 

Eubank v Billy Joe Saunders Frank warren

Just listened to Frank warren say his son is on his way to see Eubanks Lawyers to offer sign a contact to fight Billy or shut up about fighting him. Basically put up or shut up so we will see what will happen next ... 

WBA regular world title who cares?

Ok so we have a world heavyweight title fight for the WBA regluar world title on Saturday 5th March, The WBA have more variations of world titles than Katie Price has been married the WBA super title is held by Tyson Fury. so should there be 2 variations of the same belt, i think not and to me de-values the heavyweight title. Fyi they do this in pretty much every weight division.
i did hear along the grape vine that they are holding a WBA heavyweight tournament where Tyson will have to fight to for a belt he already holds... hmmm  

David Haye Cocky or clever #hayeday

So David Haye made a comeback recently against erm... erm... yeah him, anyway blew him away in the 1st round. The fight was shown on DAVE yes DAVE and held at the O2 i London. O2 sold out i hear it was 3 million or so viewers on telly not bad for a fighter out for 3 yrs.
Now here is my question not long after he announced he was fighting again the tickets are on sale... and he is fighting ...... as of today 2/03/2017 we do not know!! but people are still buying tickets its not going to be for a title and not going to be a massive name. I wouldn't buy a ticket to see a fight when i didn't know who the other person was fighting. Anyway will be looking out to see who is announced when he feels like telling us.
oh and what channel will it be on CO

Quigg Frampton rematch ?

Ok so i had my money on Quigg to beat Frampton on Saturday 29th Feb, i thought he would step up and his tank anf power be too much for Frampton, i know EVERYONE was pretty much behind Frampton but hey gotta go with your gut. 
I am afraid to say i was totally wrong he Quigg was out boxed by Frampton he was a little like a rabbit caught in headlights i know he broke hos jaw in the 4th i think he said, which would explain alot. He did come alive in the last couple of rounds but to little to late i am afraid. 
I read on twitter that Joe Gallagher has said that they want a rematch would fight Frampton next and would move up to featherweight if Frampton does. 
To me that would be a mistake if he got beaten again it would seriously hurt Quiggs stock nevermind hos confidence, i hope its not another Fighter chasing a fighter and not concentrating on their own career.

Adam Booth and Eubank Jnr in or out

Also at Eubank v Blackwell presser Adam Booth was notably absent from the top table, Kugan Cassius from IFLTV did an interview with Adam Booth on Saturday 29th of April and was very cagey when asked about future "things". James Helder from IFLTV asked the question, "there are rumours on twitter that Booth has left the Eubank Team? English (the boxer formally known as Chris Eubank snr) asked where he had heard it and to me (after watching many episodes of Lie to ME) read the body language as " How did  you find out already i was going to use that in my next twitter Gaff!!

Anyway if i were a betting man Ahem! i would bet that Booth will not be in Eubanks corner on the  26th of March. Then again i could be wrong..... 

Eubank Jnr v Blackwell 26/03/2016

So i watched the press conference Jnr v Blackwell gotta go with Eubank to win, thought he was awesome against Spike last time out. Great speed and engine, although the team seems to have pissed off every major promoter in the UK, not a great move leaving the money making profile building powers of Eddie and Sky Sports. This fight on Saturday 26th March being shown on SPIKE TV and Channel 5 being promoted by Mick Hennessey. I am sure there is a plan you never know what to expect with the Eubanks but you know in and out of the ring it will be entertaining, which can only be good for the sport.

Blackwell 4/1
Eubank Jnr 1/6
Draw 22/1

#TOT2TOE boys helping ask er in doors to marry me

Khan v Canelo ..Does size really matter?

David Haye v Ruslan Chagaev did size matter then so why now?, Haye did an interview the other day after meeting both Khan and Canelo in the flesh and noted Khan was just as big as Canelo, so making the weight would not be a problem, and i believe this as well BOXING is BOXING, brawling is brawling, I had Tyson Fury to win and how did he win he BOXED Klitschko out the ring. So i am saying this Khan will BOX Canelo and win.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

All the links and best bits on one site

Ok so i follow boxing, and have links all over the place so i have decided to condense them onto one site mainly for me but if anyone else likes it then awesome. Any links you would like to add on let me know and will add them on here.