Saturday, 5 March 2016

Gamal Yafai v Bobby jenkinson

an so great scrap so far but Gamal getting the the better of the fight great body work from Gamal as challenger, Gamal hitting the target, but round 4 ref called in the doc for a cut above Yafai left eye all ok, Yafai dominated round 4 bob and weave great body shots and in total contol,
BUT SERIOUS cut above left eye there is no way this is going the distance either way..
RND 5, from a fight fan this is a great fight both going for it, Jenkinson struggling with range, great upper cut from Yafai,

Tell you what better than some of the PPV fights last week

i dont mind watching longer fights like this both giving all

HUGE HUGE right hand for Gamal right at the end of the 6th round. Jenkinson has taken some punishment.

RND 7 Gamal Yafai started with an absolute onslaught of punches from the the bell...

how is Jenkinson able to survive

enough Jenkinson stays down corner throw in the towel

this GUY is special future World Champ

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