Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Adam Booth and Eubank Jnr in or out

Also at Eubank v Blackwell presser Adam Booth was notably absent from the top table, Kugan Cassius from IFLTV did an interview with Adam Booth on Saturday 29th of April and was very cagey when asked about future "things". James Helder from IFLTV asked the question, "there are rumours on twitter that Booth has left the Eubank Team? English (the boxer formally known as Chris Eubank snr) asked where he had heard it and to me (after watching many episodes of Lie to ME) read the body language as " How did  you find out already i was going to use that in my next twitter Gaff!!

Anyway if i were a betting man Ahem! i would bet that Booth will not be in Eubanks corner on the  26th of March. Then again i could be wrong..... 

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