Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Benn v Eubank 3? drop me out

So a while ago there was talk about Benn V Eubank 3 ... i know right! well that died off... then a couple of weeks ago Benn said that he is up for it and is fitter than he ever has been ...and if Eubank wants to fight he has the next 2 months to seal the deal..
Eubank was asked about the at Jnrs presser and said when the time is right he will be talking to broadcasters about ... as i said before if Donald Trump blah blah..

now if i were a betting man ahem..;) i would say that English (boxer formally known as Eubank Snr) is angling for a joint fight bill with himself v Benn and Jnr on the card with some big name as well.


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