Sunday, 6 March 2016

Luis Ortiz is an 18 stone middleweight!

an so, i have just watched the Ortiz v Thompson Heavywight fight, and oh my oh my, Ortiz moved like someone half his weight, this can can fight, I know Thompson is a veteran to say the least, but if you have not heard of Luis Ortiz you need to watch this fight and then you will see what i mean. I don`t think he has done himself any favours though as i can`t see many if the big big names taking him on. He has power, and speed and his footwork is amazing. I know he had a great Amateur  Career and the Cubans are renowned for this.
If Ortiz gets a chance at a world title he WILL WIN... i think he would beat them all at the moment but i don`t think anyone will fight him. I hope i am wrong about this keep an eye out for

Luis Ortiz Box Rec

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