Monday, 7 March 2016

Billy Joe Saunders takes on erm Max Bursak who the eff

and so, It has been announced that Billy Joe Saunders will defend the WBO Middleweight title againt the well known erm Max Bursak. Yes thats right the one the only Max Bursak!! Never heard of him?? well ME EITHER!!!!! i don`t think this is even a mandatory. Frank Warren has picked this guy out!!!! I know Kell Brook has fought nobodies since he won the IBF Welterweight Title but all but Gavin they have been mandatory`s. Bursak (32-4-1 KO15) hardly a world title prospect. It annoys me when world title holders decide to take on nobodies (no disrespect to the fighters) but when people are paying good money wether it be through subscriptions or paying to go and see the fight they should at least take on a name that is known! I will bet that the copperbox arena wont be full on April 30th and if it is its because Frank Warren will be standing outside giving away tickets to get in.
so put in your diary folks (i won`t be) April 30th Billy Joe Saunders v Max Bursak Copperbox Arena.. Defo a you tube moment for me!!

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